Professional training for adults in Bulgaria is regulated by the Law on Vocational Education and Training (VETA). Right to carry out professional training have vocational training centers (VTC) and certify conducted training after successfully passing examinations for acquiring professional qualification. Documents issued by VTC can be vocational training certificate or certificate of vocational training, depending on the type and duration of the completed vocational training.

Professional training is carried out under terms defined by the VTC in their regulations and VETA depending on the training course, number of classes, a form of training and others. Inclusion in the course of vocational training can be done only on the explicit written request to the VTC by persons wishing to obtain a professional qualification.

If you are looking for work abroad, but not having the necessary professional qualifications can join the courses organized by VTC.

The financing of the training course for it might be:

  • At European or national program where they will train for free or will pay only part of their training
  • By an employer under contract for training and subsequent employment for a specified period under the labor laws
  • By sponsors, foundations or other givers
  • From the job-seeker

“Agency for Employment and Qualification” Ltd can advise you FREE and focus on courses organized by VTC and conditions for financing the training.

    We can direct you to any professional training, what you need regardless of the professional field, profession and specialty.

СThe list of professions for vocational education and training of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) that you can choose a profession and specialty in which to study can be found at the following link or the official website of the Ministry.

You alone decide whether to join the training course and whether the conditions of courses organized by VTC suit your capabilities and intentions.