Sometimes in life happens for years to work a profession have accumulated and have the necessary professional experience, but you do not have a certificate of qualification in the profession you worked.

In this case, if you own a particular profession or specialty required knowledge, skills and competencies and service proven beyond reasonable doubt by official documents, but do not own certificate / diploma completed vocational training in the direction of the acquired seniority and experience; you can validate their knowledge, skills and competencies legally, to obtain a certificate.

We ‘Agency for Employment and Qualification “Ltd. may free to direct you to partners training institutions for validation of professional knowledge, skills and competences acquired through non-formal education or learning, regulated in the Ordinance on the conditions and procedures for validating professional knowledge, skills and competencies into force of 01.01.2015.

ВYou have to prepare and can take the appropriate exams for validation. If you successfully pass the exams validation of professional knowledge, skills and competencies, you will receive a certificate from the training institution conducted a validation according to Article

40 Law on Vocational Education and Training with Professional Qualification Certificate or Certificate of Vocational Training (VETA).

The conditions and procedures for validation are determined by their institutions and according to VETA.

You should know that you may have additional costs in connection with the validation under the terms and conditions for inclusion in the course of validation of the training institutions. Whether you join the validation procedure, you decide.

The probability to get work from New Zealand employer is greater if you have the relevant certificates for professional qualification.