• Our experts will prepare for you individual profiles you own qualification and its compliance with the requirements for the workplace.
  • Our mission is each candidate for employment abroad to be given the opportunity to focus on the need for additional training to foreign language, profession or validation of professional knowledge, skills or competences.
  • • We are free to offer training services as advice to you on the type of necessary professional qualifications or level of proficiency in English, which you have to meet for the requirements of employers for certain jobs.

The best option for you is your qualifications to match the job of employers for new jobs.

But if your qualification does not fully cover the conditions set by employers for vocational training or knowledge of a certain level of English, you voluntarily can declare intent to participate in a training course for professional training for new or additional qualification or training course on core competence – language or computer training. We will help you find for you the appropriate courses organized by national or European programs or courses at training institutions, our partners.

If you have acquired professional knowledge, skills and competences in a profession or specialty acquired informally – through self-employment, seniority and experience but do not have the required certificate / diploma, we can direct you to a licensed educational institutions to validate your knowledge, skills and competencies, under the existing legislation and to get the required certificate.

You are not obliged to participate in training courses, but the likelihood of foreign employers to cheer your application for a job is much greater if you possess the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies certified legally.

You should know that it is possible to further education and training or validation, lead to additional costs for you costs as terms and conditions for inclusion in the training course on European or national programs or courses organized by educational institutions, our partners.