How can I get my work visa for New Zealand?

Ifyou are already approved by the employer in New Zealand to go to a new workplace, you need to request and receive from Immigration New Zealand a work visa, which is issued by applying on the official website by Immigration New Zealand or through a licensed New Zealand immigration consultant.

We, as a licensed recruitment Agency, have no right and do not provide immigration consultations.

You should know that in accordance with New Zealand legislation consultations and assistance in obtaining work visa and immigration status in New Zealand can only be performed by licensed New Zealand immigration consultants.

But, for your convenience, we are working on a long-term partnership with the best set up for Eastern Europe licensed New Zealand immigration consultants, who can advise you on all immigration issues and obtaining a work visa.

Using your licensed New Zealand immigration consultant is not required to obtain a work visa from the approved working person in New Zealand, but the probability to get a work visa using the services of a licensed New Zealand immigration consultant is much greater.

Services of immigration consultants can be associated with additional costs for you and their use is your choice.

We and New Zealand employer, who has approved your work, will assist and provide all necessary documents and information to authenticate your new job in New Zealand to obtain a work visa.

You should know that you are responsible for the correctness of the declared circumstances to obtain a work visa to New Zealand immigration services. If you are incorrectly declared these circumstances, the liability for non-receipt of a work visa is entirely yours.