From who needs New Zealand?

Qualified professionals with a minimum of 3 years experience in your chosen field.

Technical Education (1-3 years) or completed apprenticeship.

Capable and healthy people who plan to work in New Zealand long-term.

What we offer?

Adapting in New Zealand as: first accommodation tax number, bank account number and a minimum of two weeks induction in your workplace

Assistance in obtaining an immigration consultancy service in connection to the issuance of work visa and residence applications.

Long-term employment contract with payment according to New Zealand standards of the labor market and skills of workers.

Transparent (open) relationship where you know from the outset what to expect and you get what is promised.

What is the process and from where to start?

Firstly we need to send us your detailed CV with a cover letter explaining why you think that you have the right skills for the announced job position.

Documents confirming your education and experience (references from employers and official certificates for work experience).

. You may be required to switch order medical tests for a medical certificate, which is necessary for the working visa and residence.

 You must present a certificate of conviction from all countries where you have lived for more than 12 months during the last 10 years.

  Your responsibilities and expenses

  •  You have to work a minimum of 12 months for the same employer. If you decide to change your employer – you can do it, but you are required to pay the employer penalty in this case.
  • Airfares for you and your family are paid by you. This may be a one-way ticket.
  • Costs of accommodation – accommodation, hostel or rented.
  • There are specific and different from other countries of immigration requirements for a work visa / permanent residence. We advise you to use the Licensed Immigrant Consultant that will ensure a positive outcome of your visa application. All fees are paid from you. The fee depends on the number of people in the family, starting from NZ $ 3000 plus state tax.

You are responsible for your own words and documents. If you have declared, for example, that you work as a carpenter in New Zealand and for the first three months employer will find that you cannot work in your specialty, you must pay a penalty.

Note: Some of this information relating to immigration services, work visa and adaptation in New Zealand courtesy of:

New Zealand licensed immigration adviser № 201001902
Licence number 201001902
Business address:
Approved Immigration Limited
7 Harrison Road, Mt. Wellington
Auckland 1060 New Zealand

„Agency for Employment and Qualification” Ltd. is not responsible for its completeness and timeliness, they may have occurred timely changes in immigration laws of New Zealand.”

For further information and questions about immigration and work visas for New Zealand, you can turn directly to that licensed New Zealand immigration consultant № 201001902 or such other through the website of the Immigration Service of New Zealand.

IMPORTANT: All consulting and government fees are determined according to the laws of New Zealand and are payable by applicants for immigration and work visa directly to licensed immigration consultants New Zealand or New Zealand immigration authorities.

” AGENCY FOR EMPLOYMENT AND QUALIFICATION” Ltd. does not mediate or accept fees and charges from job seekers on immigration and work visas in New Zealand!

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