Agency for employment and qualification LTD

We believe that, there isn’t equal proposals and deserve the best.

Are you an employer or Agency temporary employment, expand your business and you have an urgent need for new skilled workers with professional experience in various professional fields?

How do we work?

We will not waste your time and fill your email with numerous resumes of job applicants, and you have to look at suitable applications. We will find and choose for you the right people, suitable for the advertised your vacancies. Our experts will offer only candidates answering your requirements.

We rely on honest and open conversation with you, guaranteeing the quality of our services. We want to develop our business and will be the most responsible. As a partner, you will get the best of us, under the protection and guarantee of your rights as an employer when hiring our candidates.

  What partnership offer?

We are from “Agency for Employment and Qualification “ Ltd. we want to offer you a long- term partnership based on trust and honesty. Our experts will find for you the right candidates. We understand that any error in the selection of candidates can cost us dearly, so we will maintain constant communication with you to complete the entire process of recruitment. We can perform for you and additional checks, psychological examinations and online interviews, conference call with the candidates.

Our candidates for the job

We offer you only the candidates from Europe, we conducted appropriate checks, and we can guarantee, we are certain that you possess the necessary professional qualifications and experience. Our candidates are ordinary family people and have a high motivation for work and emigration, and wishes correctly and responsibly, to start your new career. They believe and rely on you and our partnership in order to get best and worthy work for which they worked selflessly.

All of our candidates for the job can prove honestly and openly their position that they are not suitable for specified jobs, and that they can contribute their skills for the prosperity of your business.

We Can find You experts in the field of construction, engineering, machinery, welding, electrical, equipment, mechanical transport equipment, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, solar panels, even in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, social sphere and services.

Permanent and temporary staff

We can offer you to hire staff with a minimum duration of 1 year employment you have a contract of employment. If you want to continue, you decide.


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