Asa master in Finance I am working with 12 years several business-related training for unemployed or employed for the acquisition of professional qualifications in various professional areas. Watched the whole process – from preparation to implementation trained of us is faced on the labour market. Some of them were able to find a good job abroad, but others can’t find the right recruitment Agency to guide them properly for a particular job or employer and made a number of attempts to find a desirable job abroad.

I found that the main problem in employment abroad is poor assessment of labor mediator of motivation or skills of job seekers and lack of reliable information about the state of the employer – customs, manners, expenses, taxes, banks, residential accommodation, opportunities and costs of family reunification or close non-assistance for adaptation to the new country after employment.

This motivates me to become a founder of the “Agency for Employment and Qualification” Ltd., with the clear intention that the services market for labor mediation for employment abroad, needs another labor broker to offer a new different approach and transparency of service.

I have the following 5 rules to manage this business