Our mission is to find and offer the best long-term operation under the most favorable conditions for you. We will select for you only one job that you can do best.

Forget about finding work in New Zealand and immigration, through casual acquaintances or anonymous ads on the Internet unregistered labour intermediary, who has to offer you too expensive and risky intermediation for job search and immigration to New Zealand, where the probability of losing money and time is too big.
We can offer you a perfectly legal licensed labor intermediation to work in New Zealand, where your work will fit the New Zealand’s standards of payment, conditions of social security and Medicare.
We appreciate you and will defend your rights as our customers from the very beginning to your first paycheck in New Zealand.
Our terms of labour mediation are clear, transparent and without hidden terms or discussion.

According to the Article 4, paragraph 1 of the Ordinance on the terms and conditions for conducting mediation in employment service in finding an employer for job seekers is free and no fees or other payments from job seekers.

Under Article 4, paragraph 2 of the Ordinance on the terms and conditions for conducting mediation in employment, the employer of the person employed to payment of labor broker that payment can not be at the expense of the remuneration of employed person.

Our licenses and certificates

For the realization of our activities, we of
“Agency for Employment and Qualification” Ltd.
possess the necessary licenses and registrations
according to Bulgarian legislation –
Ordinance on the conditions and procedures for conducting
brokerage in employment.

Licenses № 2084 for mediation to work abroad

License № 2083 for intermediation in Bulgaria

A certificate from the Commission for Personal Data Protection № 398 482

  Our team

Our leaders and experts will be at the core of creating your future employment history and career development abroad. They have the necessary experience to find for you the best solutions from which to make your choice the right choice.


Borislav Boychev

General manager and founder

e-mail: borislav@jobsnewzealand.agency

phone: +359 (0)899 877 288

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Marina Boycheva

Director of “Human Resources” and founder

e-mail: marina@jobsnewzealand.agency

phone: +359 (0)893 490 512

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Our partners

To achieve success and quality of the mediation service, we work with the best partners who have proven their honesty and loyalty both to us as a labor mediator and to employees through our operating entities.

Who are our partners?

New Zealand employers and temporary agencies that are accredited by the New Zealand immigration authorities to recruit long-term job foreigners

Licensed New Zealand immigration and labor consultants

british flag iconBritish licensed recruitment agencies for employment

Licensed educational institutions – vocational training centers and vocational colleges

Licensed translation companies for translation of official and private documents of job applicants

Licensed tour operators offering air tickets for destinations

We rely on the professional experience of our partners who will not mislead you and will perform correctly the requested service.

Partners in New Zealand

For carrying out our activities in New Zealand, and for your convenience in recruitment from us, we use the services of licensed New Zealand consultants who are our partners in business. All our candidates to work in New Zealand were consulted beforehand and approved by our consultants New Zealand

On job placement in New Zealand employer:

The partner is responsible for the adaptation of the employees of your party – first accommodation tax number, disclosure of bank account and a minimum of two weeks induction in your workplace.

Immigration our partner:

Partners responsible for preparing the personal immigration strategy employed by you people in New Zealand employer, preparation and submission of documents for work visa in New Zealand.

Partners in Europe

For European citizens with permanent residence in the UK wishing to find a job in New Zealand

Partner provides recruitment agencies to find employment in New Zealand for all Bulgarian and other European citizens (including outside the EU) who have permanent residence or work in the UK.

Our partner is registered under British law as a temporary employment agency and recruitment agencies – Sic code: 78109, 78200, 78300.

The presence of permanent residency and work experience obtained in the UK is an advantage in the approval of employment from a New Zealand employer and receive a working visa New Zealand by New Zealand immigration authorities

If getting a job in New Zealand and you do not have enough work experience and English proficiency, we can through our partner to find you work in the UK for a certain period of time, similar to the one you are looking for New Zealand.

Given a legitimate job in the UK, for example, for 12 months, you will have in their occupational biography work experience and social insurance British employer.

Your working position in the UK, references from our British employer and your registration welfare system in Britain, as well as a good knowledge of business English will help in the approval to work in New Zealand.

Partners in Bulgaria

Our promise

Even the biggest of your wishes we can fulfill for you with our small team. What is important to you is important to us.

Our job will be the majority of your life and we hold it to be exactly your true long-term job that you take her know how and love. Therefore we insist to find for you only the work that you can work well and responsibly to meet your expectations for working conditions and pay. We will not offer short-term work; our New Zealand partners hold long-term employment relationship with their contractors working party which could help both your full career and business development of the employer.

Your employment rights will be guaranteed by our service recruitment, we will provide you with long-term contracts signed by you and the employer before your departure.

To provide quality brokerage service for you, we signed partnership agreements with major and accredited New Zealand employers and temporary agencies have the necessary authority in New Zealand as honest employers.

We build together with you mutual trust!

Motivated to find the right job for a specific person
Motivated to save your time and money
We guarantee security and professional personal approach

Our intermediary services for recruitment in
New Zealand includes:

search icon

To find an employer

that fits your professional qualifications


On our web site will receive our individual offer of work, prepared specifically for you by our experts

Providing information

about the employer and working conditions in the workplace


With your new employer, as you get all the terms of payment, social and health insurance


Providing information

on departure, accommodation, legislation and cultural habits


From our experts all about New Zealand; how to travel to there; the possibilities for accommodation, housing and residence.
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receiving and signing a long-term contract of employment contract with the employer


From our experts all the terms of your employment contract you will sign before your departure


in contact with an immigration consultant to get a working visa


With a licensed New Zealand immigration consultants, which our experts will help you to find